Welcome to 5eyes farm!

5eyes is a group of projects focusing on integrated farming methods using (mostly) locally available resources and recycling.

Unlike traditional mono crop farming, integrated farming seeks to utilise the synergy between plants and animals and waste products to cross benefit each aspect of the farm. Chicken waste is used to mulch grow beds and to feed fish. Fish waste fertilises crops. Rain water is recirculated and used for a variety of purposes and energy is captured and used in a variety of ways.

IMG_0143In addition to integration, we are working on recycling by using car tyres to build ponds and beds, stone from the farm to build with and a whole range of other exciting recycling themes which both guide the overall principal of lowering waste and building wisely at the same time as adding to the aesthetic of the farm. We have used over 6000 car tyres to build the aquaponics garden.

Making compost and mulch is the basis for creating great soil and great soil in turn determines the productivity of all things growing. Effective farming almost always starts with soil conditioning and both compost and mulch play an important role.

Another guiding principle is “organic”; no pesticides, no herbicides, all natural pest control and fertilisers. This takes more intensive work but it means the soil is clean, the food is healthy and we know what we are consuming.

We are aiming to build 5eyes into a commercially viable business and at the same time create educational opportunities for local farmers, schools, universities and development organisations. The site showcases innovative techniques, renewable energy and the fascinating aquaponics. Have a look at our charter and plans here.


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