img_3902    Fabulous Kombucha. This is a pro-biotic health drink that we ‘grow’. It is a culture much like yogurt is a culture. Its been around for a long time and seems to go in and out of vogue. A friend of ours used to make Kombucha in the 70’s and when we recently mentioned it he got back into making his brilliant ‘green tea Kombucha’. We have tried the green tea and also use black tea and oolong tea combinations.


Kombucha is often referred to as a tea yet is more of a culture. It has tangy, vinegary properties and at the same time it carbonates to be slightly fizzy. Depending on what is included in the brewing process it can become slightly alcoholic.

My memory of making ginger beer as a kid comes to mind except with Kombucha, you need the mushroomy thing called a Scooby as a starter. Other cultures that use different types of starters include sourdough and yogurt.

Here is an excerpt of an old Kombucha recipe although there are many freely available on the internet:


If you cannot find someone to give you a scooby from their ‘scooby hotel’ – a storage jar for scooby’s) you can buy a bottle of Kombucha from a health food store and make your own scooby. Check online for instructions.

Addictive… this drink becomes truly addictive. Once you start drinking it you want at least a glass a day. Its like your body cries out for its Kombucha fix…


You can add fruit, saltines, raisins, cranberries, gouge berries or any thing like that to the tea while it is curing. In Summer a whole batch can be ready in 2 weeks.