Recycled materials

Using recycled materials is fun… creative… ethical… inexpensive… and can be very functional.

Sources: hard rubbish, work site skips, tip shop, gumtree, excess unused project materials.

dsc_7749The timbers used to make this quail roosting enclosure are all old hardwood cladding boards from a house renovation.

The perspex is also off cuts from some building site. The shelves are from hard rubbish. The roof is off cut 84% UV protected polycarbonate roofing from a site.

dsc_7748Old wine barrel oak timber is used here to create an in-ground bed for the passionfruit. They are simply hammered into the ground and hold the soil in place. The apps are good for drainage.



dsc_7732This basket has an old juice bottle at the bottom for a reservoir and torn up material for wicking the water up into the root system. A small amount of soil and a good amount of mulch. It will be the framework for a prolific pumpkin.






dsc_7741 dsc_7744


dsc_7742These items are all street finds and can be used in a whole lot of ways in the garden… lets see what happens. The barrel is already designated to become a tiger worm farm in cow manure.



dsc_7734An old foam mattress, used to be the dog’s bed. It will make a great packing base for a large planter box.





dsc_7738Nothing in the garden is ‘junk’. It all has a potential use for recycling, re-purposing, remaking, adding to, subtracting from, composting. We try not to throw much away. For example, the mattress above and the rubbish to the left find a new home in the replenished grow bed that follows:






This bed, full last week, has now been remade with a wicking sponge watering system. It will thrive based on what we have done previously. This will be a tomato bed for the second half of summer.



dsc_7746This potato box is a crate picked up on the side of the road and lined with some shade cloth, also a street acquisition. Works well.




Recycled PVC to create vertical gardens

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