A quail of a time in the garden… they get to see everything and when you move closer to them they get excited and start dancing and jumping around… they want one thing – worms!

We have quails because they lay lots of little eggs and we find chickens need more space than we can offer them here and are far more demanding to manage. The quails are quiet, contented and not very messy.

We started with a couple of girls and have recently added a young male (thanks for the donation Kat!). Here he is on his first day in his new home (quite freaked out – but he is very happy now some weeks on). So it looks like we will have babies in the not so distant future.



We are breeding mealworms to supplement their diet. We are also building a giant quail run, fully enclosed with wire to give them space and a large home. We will then use their big box house as a brood box.


Quail litter is great mulch. Quail eggs are great eating. We are not really planning on eating quail at this stage anyway, but who knows. One of the things about Urban gardening or small scale farming is that you get into the systems, the cycles and the reality of nature. We eat chicken and occasionally quail at the odd Vietnamese restaurant. It is probably more honest to cull and prepare what we eat. That is certainly the plan for the fish. And at least we know it is free range, organic, no anything added or subtracted.