Yabbies & fish

unknownThe silver perch is a medium-sized freshwater fish of the family Terapontidae endemic to the Murray-Darling river system in south-eastern Australia. Wikipedia
Scientific nameBidyanus bidyanus
We have 50 silver’s growing in a 1000 litre IBC tank (ex-food grade used for sugar syrup). These form the basis of our aquaponics system. As they grow from fingerling to medium adolescence, they will be split into 2 IBC tanks with 25 fish in each.

Australian Bass

Australian bass are a small to medium sized, primarily freshwater native fish found in coastal rivers and streams along the east coast of Australia. They are a member of the Percichthyidae family and Macquaria genus. Wikipedia
Scientific namePercalates novemaculeata
We have 25 Australian Bass fingerlings and these are designated for our new Aquaponics system which will have the tank indoors and the grow bed out doors.
The yabbies live in the sump tank. The sump tank is a reclaimed bath tub (thanks Gumtree). They help to keep the water clean and as they grow and breed we will occasionally harvest the odd one for food.

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