Most vegetables and fruits that you buy have been sprayed with chemicals that are not good for eating. Even when we wash our food before preparing it to eat the chemical sprays get inside the food and they get inside our bodies. This has long term affects on our health.

What about healthy and clean fruits and vegetables? Organic food is food grown with no pesticides, no herbicides, no chemicals. It is healthy food and tastes great. It is harder to manage the growing process without chemicals, especially pesticides.

We use natural pesticides from other plants like neem, daisy, eucalyptus. The can be put on or around food plants to stop them being eaten by pests but are not harmful to us.

Also, making compost is very important for plants grown in the ground as it works as a natural fertiliser and there is no need for chemicals.

July 2017 produce



Earlier produce – March-June 2017


Aquaponics growing is best because the system creates its own fertiliser and the beds are raised so there is less pest trouble.

Look at the health of an aquaponics bed!

Try eating organics and experience the difference… much better taste, much fresher, peace of mind knowing that WE ARE WHAT WE EAT!








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