A year since we began

Much has happened at 5eyesFarm in the last year or so when we started out. We have been designing and building infrastructure and establishing a 60,000 litre aquaponics system. We have tilled land, established composting systems (and a compost house, established a seedling house and enriched the soil on nearly 6 acres. Roads, retaining walls and other related structures have been started along. With a unique recycled fence design which is a good way to completion. In respect to recycling and using natural, available and local products we have cut many dozens of tonne of basalt rock to use in building and we have installed over 6000 tyres in a range of very useful applications that will be long lasting and hard wearing. Finally we have started growing a range of beautiful fresh organic produce and we are really starting to see results. Have a flick through the following pic journal. We encourage you to visit, to make contact and to share in the vision we have for an integrated organic farm in an unlikely location. Until then…

And we have been growing good food

And as mentioned, building with tyres, stone, bamboo, glass bottles etc

And we have produce

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