Building 5 Eyes

Planning and designing…

Building 5eyes means changing the shape of the land in some sections (all by hand) and planning the building process for the aquaponics projects, the compost house, the store house, the seeding house, the roads, retaining walls, fences… not to mention extensive fields tilled, composted, planted out and tended to raise 3 partial crops of up to 30 varieties so far. And thats what we have started this year since January. So far so good.

The aquaponics is 80% finished, the storehouse is 60% finished, most of the roads, drainage, retaining walls complete and a good start on fencing. Because we use as much recycled material as possible we try to think of good ways to build with these products in mind. The list includes over 6000 recycled tyres from cars, trucks and motorbikes. It also includes using old car windshields for skylights, stone from the ground, local bamboo, and a minimum of traditional building materials, all sourced locally.




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