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Making a layer bed

Click on the link to download the 8 steps with pictures… Biodynamic and organic layer bed farming    

Close up of 5 Eyes, April 2018

In the garden   Building `

A year since we began

Much has happened at 5eyesFarm in the last year or so when we started out. We have been designing and building infrastructure and establishing a 60,000 litre aquaponics system. We have tilled land, established composting systems (and a compost house, established a seedling house…

Meet Anwar – our head organic gardener

We are very proud to have Anwar on board as our new head organic gardener. He has so much knowledge, dedication and such a good work ethic. (Kami sangat bangga bekerja dengan Anwar sebagai petani organik muda. Dia memiliki begitu banyak pengetahuan, dedikasi dan…

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