Worm Farming like Darwin

Charles Darwin, best known for the theory of evolution spent a significant part of his career studying earth worms. This was his last scientific publication before his death. What was he on to?               Using food grade 44 gallon drums cut longways in half there is a simple system … More Worm Farming like Darwin

A Herb Spiral

The idea of a herb spiral is two-fold. first it creates good drainage whereby it has a flow down affect when watering from the top of the spiral. Second it has more and less sheltered areas depending on the sun’s movements so more or less sensitive plants can be placed appropriately. It also has a … More A Herb Spiral

Recycled materials

Using recycled materials is fun… creative… ethical… inexpensive… and can be very functional. Sources: hard rubbish, work site skips, tip shop, gumtree, excess unused project materials. The timbers used to make this quail roosting enclosure are all old hardwood cladding boards from a house renovation. The perspex is also off cuts from some building site. … More Recycled materials