Making progress

5 Eyes Farm is growing – not just the food but the whole place. We have acquired more land around the farm and have started expanding. The seed house is completed. The compost house is completed. We are most way through the large scale aquaponics build and we are doing more work with roads and … More Making progress

Lovely composting house

  We have finished building the seed house. We are now building the compost house… Composting is a vital aspect of all our production, its what makes an organic farm work. The local community is interested in collaborating on the composting and bringing clean green waste to add to what we have.

Ayam Cemani

Said to be possibly the most coveted chicken breed on the globe, the Ayam Cemani (Java Chicken) is a heritage breed with unusual pigmentation. They have a dominant gene that causes hyperpigmentation (Fibromelanosis), making the chicken entirely black; including feathers, beak, and internal organs. Consequently, they are highly prised for their eggs and for use in rituals and […]

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Honey Bees

We call it BlueBee Honey… And despite what you might think, urban bee keeping is relatively easy. I suppose we cheated a bit because we’ve bought our hive nucleus ready made each time we have started a hive. This means we get a box with a colony in it and a healthy queen, honey and brood […]

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Our new windmill is here to tell us which way the wind blows. We will be making some wind power models to help produce energy in future and to work as pumps.        

Girl Power

First, lets acknowledge the hard work of the 12 men who have been setting up the infrastructure of the farm. Rock breakers, wall builders, excavators, carriers, labourers, carpenters and all out hard workers. Next lets talk about GIRL POWER. The women have been amazing and truly there would be little to show for the organic farming … More Girl Power

Fresh Veggies FOR SALE

Sayuran Segar Organik untuk Anda Panen Perdana, Harga Promosi dan Dijamin Murah. Cobalah sayuran organik kami – tersedia: Kacang Panjang Merah, Baby Buncis, Bayam Hijau, Bayam Merah, Sweet Basil, Dill, Butternut Pumpkin. Datang langsung ke KebunMataLima di Desa Purwasari, Dramaga Bogor atau telpon Ibu Danti di  nomor 0821-4417-5055.   Jangan lupa kasih tau teman atau … More Fresh Veggies FOR SALE


  Most vegetables and fruits that you buy have been sprayed with chemicals that are not good for eating. Even when we wash our food before preparing it to eat the chemical sprays get inside the food and they get inside our bodies. This has long term affects on our health. What about healthy and … More Organics