GreenEd – learning naturally! Green-Ed is a framework – or series of frameworks designed to interleave with curriculums that are flexible and already have an applied, student centred and critical thinking culture. Green-Ed is a combination of changing the physical environment to create productive organic and landscaped “greening” to current buildings – particularly in urban … More Green-Ed

Natural – Material Intelligence (MI)

  Natural Intelligence – Material Intelligence (MI) Jonathan Wright – December 2018 WA: +61 401177048     Over time as we have come to rely on modern systems in an increasingly global and contemporary world, and as we have become less connected with the natural world, we have also ironically become less connected with … More Natural – Material Intelligence (MI)

Aquaponics in Action

Come and join us on November 3rd for a special day at 5EyesFarm where we are hosting “Aquaponics in Action” – an intro workshop with hands-on and theory. Are you interested in any kind of farming, gardening, fish culture? Have you heard of aquaponics and want to learn more? Interested in building your own home aquaponics? … More Aquaponics in Action

A year since we began

Much has happened at 5eyesFarm in the last year or so when we started out. We have been designing and building infrastructure and establishing a 60,000 litre aquaponics system. We have tilled land, established composting systems (and a compost house, established a seedling house and enriched the soil on nearly 6 acres. Roads, retaining walls … More A year since we began

More on Wormfarming

“Worm farms recycle your food waste into ideal natural fertilisers to improve the health of your garden” A worm farm produces vermicast, a soil-like material, and a ‘juice’ which are both nutrient rich and make ideal natural fertilisers to improve the health of the plants in your garden. Our models for cow manure worm farming … More More on Wormfarming

Meet Anwar – our head organic gardener

We are very proud to have Anwar on board as our new head organic gardener. He has so much knowledge, dedication and such a good work ethic. (Kami sangat bangga bekerja dengan Anwar sebagai petani organik muda. Dia memiliki begitu banyak pengetahuan, dedikasi dan etika kerja yang bagus). Anwar says: “I have a dream… to … More Meet Anwar – our head organic gardener