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Green-Ed is a framework – or series of frameworks designed to interleave with curriculums that are flexible and already have an applied, student centred and critical thinking culture. Green-Ed is a combination of changing the physical environment to create productive organic and landscaped “greening” to current buildings – particularly in urban contexts in Indonesia.


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Having been involved with the Green School in its 2nd and 3rd year of existing and also being a builder by trade, an educator by profession and an experimenter in integrated systems and aquaponics, I have a passion for seeing material intellegence grow in students of all ages. Material intelligence is what connects us with stuff so we come to know and understand where things come from and we do project based learning and create, design, make, build and produce. These activities link us back to the natural world. We discover more about the plants and animals that our food comes from and we learn about conservation, recycling, product choice, product recognition, organic farming, the web of life or food chain, human health, the biospere, eco-systems and environments.


We aim to develop ‘natural’ skills using our hands and bodies as well as our thinking capacity and technology. But we ask the questions: where does this product come from. Who made it. Is there an economical alternative that is less wasteful, damaging or difficult to waste manage? We also look at solutions to problems and seek to build them, make them, discover them one way or another.

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Aquaponics and Animal Farm from the sky
Aquaponics and Animal Farm from the sky
English teaching
1st Grade kids planting and watering seeds
Cooking with Usha


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