Imagine a local garden made up of recycled materials and integrated growing methods which produces high quality organic produce. This is what we are working on in our urban garden project. The feature is an aquaponics system along with ordinary beds. We are using principles from bio-dynamic, permaculture and other alternative gardening methods.

Our home garden is complimented by worm farming, organic compost production, quail keeping and breeding, bee keeping, meal worm breeding, yabbie breeding and fish farming, seed saving and plant propagation. Its amazing how much you can do in a small space to produce high quality food with no pesticides, herbicides or chemicals.

Aquaponics is a successful story so far. It is a relatively new method for combining fish breeding with growing food. Indeed it is working so well that we are scaling it up to farm level on our sister project in Java, Indonesia. The 5 eyes project starts in Melbourne with an urban back yard garden and its associated experimental structures. Our urban garden in Melbourne is the R&D for what we are planning to do on the farm at a bigger scale. It is extended to the 5eyesfarm in Java, Indonesia, where many of the Melbourne projects will be contextualised for that climate and environment.

The aim is to create an integrated and productive organic farm based on aquaponics and free range egg production as well as organic spices, herbs and vegetables.

We seek to empower the local community, the broader farming community and the international community in teaching/training, onsite programs, sharing our story, womens empowerment through production and employment. This is a long term vision and we have a long way to go to get there.

What we do in Melbourne is very similar to what we are doing in Java with organic compost and worm farming… unique methods for creating amazing food and cycling everything


They say you can’t grow ginger in Melbourne but it works well in aquaponics. We are growing ginger and organic vegetables in both 5 eyes locations. We are planting crops of red ginger there and growing small amounts of white ginger here.

While the species of fish are different between Melbourne and Java we will track progress with fish… everything about the organic fish breeding/growing process and its symbiotic relationship in aquaponics systems

The black  chickens… the rarest breed in the world… free range organic for their rare eggs is unique to Java and our 5 eyes garden equivalent is concentrated on raising quails


Another Java specific project is pepper… everything about growing pepper and the pepper story. Also to a smaller extent, follow our 5 eyes farm progress with coffee and chocolate as we experiment with these tropical add on varieties to spice things up a bit.

As we develop we are employing principles from permaculture, organics, no pesticides, natural production, no waste, integrated farming, finding markets, natural packaging, helping people and families through farming.

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