Organic and bio-dynamic gardening

As organic gardeners, we need to consciously think and work differently. Organic gardeners are not governed by maintenance schedules and social conventions. Instead each of our actions is evaluated for its effectiveness in supporting plants, animals and microbes to perform their ecological function.

Our role in the garden is to ensure optimal ecosystem health.

This is easy when we think of gardening in terms of
• creating communities,
• feeding the soil dwelling organisms,
• increasing microbial diversity, and
• ensuring sufficient water for ecosystem health.

Biodynamics is a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to farming, gardening, food and nutrition. Biodynamic agriculture has been practiced for nearly a century, on every continent on Earth. Basically, everything is done naturally so no herbicides, pesticides or fungicides are ever used on the land.

Chemical free – Natural solutions – Bio diversity – Sustainability – Organic

No pesticides, no herbicides. That’s the basic idea. But what are we going to do with the bugs? how do we protect the plants? and what are we going to fertilise with if no manufactured chemicals are to be used? These are the questions of organic gardening.

unknownBio-dynamics is slightly different but related. How do we build up the top soil to make it team with micro organisms that in turn feed plants and create a fertile humus layer?

To answer some of these questions we turn to composting solutions.

  1. Worm farming to create an abundance of worms that can be added to the layers in bio dynamic culture – worms , castings and compost alike.
  2. Composting everything green and brown (50% green waste, 50% brown waste) to help add to humus layers and to fertilise under ground root systems.
  3. Use natural pesticides like Neem, daisy, ginger and mint. We are planting neem trees on the farm.articl7.jpg

Using natural pest control helps to keep the plant eating bugs at bay and ensures that the micro organisms are not being killed off.

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