Fresh Veggies FOR SALE

Sayuran Segar Organik untuk Anda Panen Perdana, Harga Promosi dan Dijamin Murah. Cobalah sayuran organik kami – tersedia: Kacang Panjang Merah, Baby Buncis, Bayam Hijau, Bayam Merah, Sweet Basil, Dill, Butternut Pumpkin. Datang langsung ke KebunMataLima di Desa Purwasari, Dramaga Bogor atau telpon Ibu Danti di  nomor 0821-4417-5055.   Jangan lupa kasih tau teman atau … More Fresh Veggies FOR SALE

Organic farming

  Most vegetables and fruits that you buy in the super market, the market or even warung and restaurants have been sprayed with chemicals that are not good for eating unless they are cleaned very thoroughly. Even when we wash our food before preparing it to eat, the chemical sprays get inside the food and … More Organic farming

First Fruits

5eyesfarm is getting underway. While the aquaponics setup is happening we are using the remaining land to grow organic produce. A lot has happened in a short time with beds  created, composted, mulched and planted. Not using chemical sprays for anything means  careful pest controls by hand and with natural oils. Making the beds:   … More First Fruits

The Quails

A quail of a time in the garden… they get to see everything and when you move closer to them they get excited and start dancing and jumping around… they want one thing – worms! We have quails because they lay lots of little eggs and we find chickens need more space than we can … More The Quails


   Fabulous Kombucha. This is a pro-biotic health drink that we ‘grow’. It is a culture much like yogurt is a culture. Its been around for a long time and seems to go in and out of vogue. A friend of ours used to make Kombucha in the 70’s and when we recently mentioned it he … More Kombucha

Yabbies & fish

The silver perch is a medium-sized freshwater fish of the family Terapontidae endemic to the Murray-Darling river system in south-eastern Australia. Wikipedia Scientific name: Bidyanus bidyanus Rank: Species Phylum: Chordata Higher classification: Bidyanus Order: Perciformes Found in: Somerset Dam, Lake Awoonga, Hinze Dam We have 50 silver’s growing in a 1000 litre IBC tank (ex-food grade used for sugar syrup). These form the basis … More Yabbies & fish