Project 3 – Re-cyling materials

Making beds, aquaponics, quail enclosures, compost systems,wicking pots and shade shelters are among the projects we have sought to use recycled materials to re purpose.

No matter what we are doing there is always material to use on the side of the road, free or cheap on gumtree and eBay, from discards of building sites and from left over materials. It saves money and creates a certain atmosphere that adds to that character of the project.

Example of recycled material to build 2nd aquaponics grow bed


Using 2nd hand materials like this IBC tank ( we have 3) is great if you make sure that the tanks are food grade only and find out what they originally carried. These carried sugar syrup. No oils or chemicals. Perfect for collecting rain water and serving as fish farms.


Other examples include making a quail brooder from old cladding and old roofing

Making composers and worm farms

Seed raising plinths


Re cycled PVC pipe for herb beds and vertical gardens


Making wicking reservoirs in second hand pots to save water


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