Site set up for aquaponics


IMG_6273The site set up is a big project. Retaining walls, terraces needing reshaping and a complex roofing system need to be built. When these are completed we can start to dig for the fishtanks, create large sump tanks and build grow beds. Only after we have completed this stage do we introduce electricity, pumps and plumbing. This is the basic infrastructure we need before beginning the aquaponics. It will cover about 1000 square meters under cover and have rain water tanks outside the roof line.



Tyres, tyres, tyres

Recycled tyres are a useful and cost effective way to build retaining walls and foundations. We are using them to strengthen our build for the aquaponics setup.



We are getting a lot of stone from the ground
Ready to put lining in for tanks and beds


choosing the right sizes
Filling the tyres


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