Active-Reflective Learning

Taking a project based – applied learning approach we exist to be an educational model in integrated farming systems and sustainability for organisations to utilise as a teaching platform. This might start with:

Introduction to Aquaponics: Nitrogen cycle, water, flows-pumps-filters, fish, plants…

Home scale aquaponics

We can also:

Build aquaponic systems for schools and other organisations for both indoor and outdoor situations. They need approximately 3.5X2 meter space. This is a brilliant teaching tool to utilise at all grade levels for different learning stages.

We are a good destination for field trips within 35KM of the farm. For Jakarta, North Jakarta, Bundung there are potential stay-over options nearby. This would only suit secondary and tertiary students. Primary students are welcome to do a tour at a significant discount which includes refreshments. Tours are approximately 2 hours and it is wise to bring a hat, long sleeves, a water bottle and an umbrella or raincoat if it is raining. We would like to provide gumboots but we have not gotten that far yet!

We are teaching local village childrenĀ basic English once a week and the group keeps growing. These children are so hungry to learn and have decent input. It is exciting to see them coming. We have been kindly donated some books, instruments to start the library project which will grow and be for the whole village. Thank you Bunda Mulia for being so generous and starting the ball rolling!

52e42e51-1cd9-4a37-8da6-8b81916c3287As well as teaching school and university teachers and students, farmer training is a community development commitment for 5Eyes farm and especially includes women. Our lead organic gardener is a graduate of an agricultural University in Medan and she specialises in organic pest management and organic farming. She is a hard worker and has helped to push us along.

Development organisations and universities have talked to us about bringing graduate groups for seminars. We have some capacity in our team to create good seminars, well catered and fascinating place. Accommodation needs addressing at this stage but there are options. We welcome all!

5Eyes Brochure

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