Who we are

The founders of 5Eyes Farm – Danti Tarigan – Office Manager at Victorian Heritage (Melbourne Australia); Operations Manager at 5Eyes Farm. Danti teaches the local children English and is the powerhouse behind the making of 5EyesFarm.

Danti and her mother

Pak Jon- Builder (Melbourne Australia) & Educator – Aquaponics, Organic Raised Beds, Composting, worm farming, Design and installations of creative projects. Previous teaching experience most recently at Green School Bali, Springfield School in Ciburbur, various colleges and Universities teaching/tutoring/lecturing over the past 27 years.

Danti and Jon are passionate about empowering others, creating inspiring teams, village- up change (not Government- down change), sharing and teaching. Between them, they hold several degrees but more importantly they integrate into the culture and work with everyone to create opportunities for learning, working together to create sustainable approaches. They relate to everyone they meet even though at first, they felt a bit like aliens and strangers. A white guy from Australia and a Karo Karo woman from the North Sumatran Highlands. This is a Sundanese culture! It is so important for them to work with and harmonise and help improve lifestyle. Growing organics is a starting point.

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