Your aquaponics

Imagine your own aquaponics garden, a water garden of sorts flowing in a cycle between the large fish tank where you can hold up to 30 adult fresh water fish and a raised 1.2 x 3 meter grow bed that produces 4-6 times the quantity and quality of vegetables and fruits. The whole thing is powered by a pump that only operates for 20 seconds every 6 minutes. Very little electricity is involved. The set up can fit into small open spaces with sunlight, court yards, terraces, corner of the garden, roof top. It is easy to operate and maintain and once you have a system up and running you will never look back.


We are making aquaponics set-ups for interested gardeners in and around Melbourne. If you have an interest and would like help (consultation) or you would like to see what we are doing (appointment) please get in touch.

We are working with a university in Bundung, Java and a Japanese development organisation in training and teaching as well as practical hands on system building to help pilot the program to see aquaponics working at a local level. We are available for consultation or projects with interested parties. Please email us at

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